Dynamic Force Dance Company

Dynamic Force Dance Company is dedicated to offering professional training and education in dance and mentorship. Our team's mission is to allow our students to express themselves socially and emotionally through dance, while also building lifelong bonds.

Why Join Dynamic Force?

Professional Instructors

All instructors in Dynamic Force have excellent performing and teaching backgrounds 

Judgement Free Environment

Our program is open to students with no previous dance background. 

Open to All Ages

We offer classes for students as young as 2 years old up to adults

Our Program

Open to boys and girls who plan to pursue a serious career in performance dance and dance education.


Pop Up Classes & Events

Adult Classes, Events, Performances, Competitions & more!

 We will get you on your toes

Need help with choreographing a dance for your dance team/company? Need a solo for a performance or audition? Or want extra help in the dance styles that we offer?
Book a private lesson with us!